Tomorrow's Landfill... Today
Why settle for decades-old techniques? Nature demands evolution, and so should you. Let Modern Landfill bring your landfill into the next century, with

  •  • Cutting Edge Grade Control
  •  • Timely Performance Analysis
  •  • Internet Marketing & Branding
  •  • Custom Software Applications
  •  • Bio-Reactor Consideration
  •  • Airspace Consumption Analysis

Save Time & Money with ML
How do you ensure your operators stay on grade? Is your grade control device their eyes? Implementing ML's cutting edge grade control techniques will mean instant savings...

  •  • On Grade the First Time, Every Time
  •  • Reduced Resource Usage
  •  • Lower Maintenance Costs

An Elevated Experience
How often do you check the topography of your landfill? Once a year (as required by most states) is not enough. ML's Topographic Products will give a better handle on this most important landfill metric...

  •  • Regularly Scheduled Topos
  •  • Airspace Consumption Analysis
  •  • Settlement Calculations
  •  • Future Airspace Needs Assessment

Modern Landfill – Redefining Landfill Management

The Modern Landfill Mission
Modern Landfill's unique approach combines cutting edge grade control and optimal use of technologies (from state of the art hardware to custom software packages), with certified engineering principals to modernize the landfills of today... for tomorrow.

Developing proven systems to operate and maintain each landfill for immediate and projected savings, is what Modern Landfill does best.
More Than Just Saving Money
Look around... Cars, houses, office buildings, and pretty much every major consumer product has benefited from significant advances in modern technology over the past 30 years.

Rare is the industry that has resisted a move forward over a three decade span. Unfortunately, MSW landfilling is an odd exception. Chances are most landfills operate the same way they did 30 years ago. Why is this?
Design & Development
Some tasks at landfills require an engineer's "seal of approval." Typically, these fall in the realms of design and development, but they often include analysis and regulatory interpretation.

Modern Landfill provides the expertise needed to fulfill all these needs for your facility, plus much more...

  •  • Cell Design
  •  • Construction Management
  •  • Soil Management Plans
  •  • Waste Acceptance Evaluation
  •  • Peer Review for Engineering Docs

Compliance & Permits
The average landfill holds at least half-a-dozen permits of various sorts with which they must comply. Traditionally, those permits are written by engineers, but applied by landfill staff.

Modern Landfill successfully bridges the communication gap between regulators and operators with the language in permits.

  •  • Permit Fulfillment Plans (PFPs)
  •  • Storm Water Plans (SW3Ps)
  •  • Spill Prevention Plans (SPCCs)
  •  • Quarterly/Annual MSW Reports
  •  • Miscellaneous Reports
  •  • Permits By Rule (PBRs)

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