Construction Staking by Modern Landfill Construction Services

“One should aim not at being possible to understand, but at being impossible to misunderstand. “

• Construction Staking

From start to finish, accurate and clear construction staking improves productivity throughout the duration of your project. Modern Landfill provides value-added grade indicators from subgrades to final grades and beyond.

Construction Staking by Modern Landfill  

Modern Landfill Beginning

 • Proper alignment of pollution controls
 • Cut/fill stakes to project subgrade

Modern LandfillMiddle

 • Intermediate quantity topos for items paid by volume
 • Cut/fill stakes to achieve final grades

Modern LandfillEnd

 • Confirmation of final grades within specified tolerances
 • As-built topographic drawings and data

Modern LandfillThe Importance of High-Quality Construction Staking

Modern Landfill Construction StakingBefore any real construction begins at your project site, someone will set stakes to guide the work. In many cases, that same someone will return later to set more stakes as the project progresses. The quality of that staking work can significantly impact the efficiency of your work crews on-site and the overall success of the project. Poor staking leads to confusion, misunderstanding, and often incorrect work, while good indicators inspire confidence that construction will move smoothly from site preparation all the way through substantial completion. But what defines quality construction staking?

Modern LandfillThe Big Three: Accurate . . . Clear . . . Communicative

Modern Landfill Construction StakingThe most important quality all contractors need from construction stakes is accuracy—the stakes must correctly indicate corners, lines, cut, and fills. Next, the stakes must be clear regarding the features they elucidate. Consistent indications on the stakes are a must—the meaning of symbols should remain constant throughout a project (preferably across all projects). Finally, each stake should communicate its meaning broadly and effectively. Everyone on the job, from the construction foreman to the equipment operators, should be able to easily read the stakes’ intents from a normal working vantage point, on the ground or in the cab.

Modern LandfillML Drives the Stakes that Drive your Project Forward

Modern Landfill Construction StakingML-Construction sets the standard for value-added staking service, providing the 3-dimensional information you need to get the job done right. From construction boundaries through subgrade cuts, intermediate fills, and final grade verification, ML-Construction is there every step of the way. ML also provides volume calculations for line items paid by the cubic yard, like excavation or soil hauling. ML makes sure you don’t get short-changed for the work you do—don’t leave your pay items to chance.

Modern LandfillCutting Edge Technology Ensures Accuracy

Modern Landfill Construction StakingML-Construction uses the latest technologies to provide job-site measurements of the highest accuracy. Plus, the locations of all indicators are stored electronically for easy retrieval in the event that they are moved or destroyed during construction. You know it will happen; ML is ready when it does—all part of the best construction staking service in the industry.