Topographic Services by Modern Landfill

“Where observation is concerned, chance favors only the prepared mind.”
    –Louis Pasteur

 • Topographic Services

Modern Landfill Topography Products (ML-Topo) will change the way you look at your landfill…

Modern LandfillCurrent Topographic Maps (Active Areas)

Super-accurate maps showing topography of active areas of your landfill.

  • Indication of Waste Placement Areas
  • Indication of Airspace Consumption Rate
  • Contours in 2-foot Intervals
  • Minimum 11×17 Color Drawings in Printable Electronic Format

Modern LandfillAirspace Consumption Reports

Learn how much airspace you use at your landfill each week, month, and year…

  • Total Airspace Consumed and Consumption Rate
  • Analysis of Individual Waste Placement Areas (if >1)
  • Lift & Cell Completion Dates
  • Estimated Date of Airspace Exhaustion
  • Milestone Dates for New Airspace Construction

Modern LandfillAnnual Report Activities

Information you will need to complete your annual MSW Report

  • Current Topography of Entire Landfill Permitted Area
  • Annual Airspace Consumption
  • Airspace Reclaimed through Settlement
  • Total Airspace and Years Remaining
  • Location of Remaining Usable Airspace

Modern LandfillGrade Control Staking/Flagging

In-the-field indicators of specific grade control features and transitions

  • Toe Lines & Daylight Lines
  • ELR Infrastructure Boundaries & Alignments
  • Other items, as needed

Modern LandfillTopography Status/Progress Reports

Evaluation of topography-related performance indicators at your landfill

  • Daily & Intermediate Cover Evaluation
  • Grade Control Evaluation
  • Erosion Control Evaluation
  • Leachate Spring Evaluation
  • Miscellaneous Observations

Modern LandfillCurrent Topographic Maps (Full Landfill)


  • Annual Airspace Consumption
  • Airspace Recapture Analysis
  • Contours in 2-foot Intervals
  • Minimum 11×17 Color Drawings in Printable Electronic Format

Topographic Services by Modern Landfill