Construction Support Services from Modern Landfill

“Worry about being better; bigger will take care of itself.
Think one customer at a time and take care of each one the
best way you can.”
    –Gary Comer, founder of Land’s End

• Construction Support Services

ML’s primary target audience is, of course, landfill facilities in need of modernization. But ML can provide value-added service applying the same engineering principles to construction projects and industries outside of the solid waste management field.

Modern Landfill’s Construction Support Services help contractors maximize efficiency and minimize cost. From the early stages of project planning through the final days of completion of construction and beyond, Modern Landfill provides guidance every step of the way.

Modern LandfillSW3P = Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan

Silt Fence - Erosion Control - FailureStorm Water Protection — Modern Landfill gives you the right tools for the job.

Who wrote your SW3P? Did they even visit your construction site? Probably not. And… you probably have erosion controls that look like this. —>

Silt Fence - Erosion ControlTypically, SW3Ps are developed with a one-size-fits-all mentality — like using a sledge hammer to drive nails.

Modern Landfill provides you with a storm water protection plan that fulfills the specific needs of your construction project.

Modern LandfillConstruction Staking

From start to finish, accurate and clear construction staking improves productivity throughout the duration of your project. Modern Landfill provides value-added grade indicators from subgrades to final grades and beyond.

Construction Staking by Modern Landfill  

Modern Landfill Beginning

 • Proper alignment of pollution controls
 • Cut/fill stakes to project subgrade

Modern LandfillMiddle

 • Intermediate quantity topos for items paid by volume
 • Cut/fill stakes to achieve final grades

Modern LandfillEnd

 • Confirmation of final grades within specified tolerances
 • As-built topographic drawings and data

Modern LandfillSPCC – Spill Prevention Control & Countermeasure

Will you have over 1,320 gallons of diesel (or other petroleum product) tanks at your construction site? If so, Modern Landfill will provide your SPCC, as required by law.

Modern LandfillProject & Permit Management

Communication among owners, contractors and subs is vital to the success of any project. Modern Landfill ensures everyone is on the same page and working within the requirements of environmental permits.

Modern LandfillEMS (ISO14001)

More and more companies are now requiring their vendors to be ISO certified. Modern Landfill provides effective solutions for your EMS when you need it.