Tradtional Landfill Services from Modern Landfill

“If everybody is thinking alike then somebody isn’t thinking.”
    –General George Patton

 • Traditional Landfill Services

Modern Landfill specializes in innovative technologies, but they also provide high quality service in the more traditional realms of landfill development. These are things all landfills must do, often prescribed by state laws.

Environmental Monitoring, Permit Writing & Modification, Cell Design, Construction Management, … Let ML’s extensive field experience ensure quality completion of all these tasks at your landfill.

Modern LandfillPermit Evaluations

Who wrote your permit? Who applies its provisions? Do they speak the same language? ML will translate any section of your permit from Engineer to Operator.

Modern LandfillEnvironmental Monitoring, Testing & Reporting

Landfills require monitoring of all sorts–earth, air & water. ML streamlines your monitoring procedures and reduces (or eliminates) the need in some instances.

Modern LandfillCell Design & Development

The engineer’s job should not end when the liner systems is in place. ML actively manages development of your landfill. Top to bottom–every layer of waste is designed.

Modern LandfillConstruction Management

Quality landfill construction requires frequent and regular supervision. ML’s experience with many construction projects will ensure you get the best every time.

Modern LandfillSoil Management Plans

Soil is one of your landfill’s most valuable resources. Turn to ML to tell you where your best material is, how much of it is there, and how to use it wisely.

Traditional Landfill Service by Modern Landfill