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Why settle for decades-old techniques? Nature demands evolution, and so should you. Let Modern Landfill bring your landfill into the next century, with

  •  • Cutting Edge Grade Control
  •  • Timely Performance Analysis
  •  • Internet Marketing & Branding
  •  • Custom Software Applications
  •  • Bio-Reactor Consideration
  •  • Airspace Consumption Analysis

Compactor Operations
Modern Landfill adds fresh perspective to your landfill operations. ML's field experience will ensure maximum efficiency at your site.
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Learn why you need a Modern Landfill

Elevate Your Landfill

Modern LandfillWhy do you need a Modern Landfill?

Look around you. Is your car built the same way it was 30 years ago? What about your house? Your office building? The A/C units that keep them all cool? The chair you sit in? The desk you write on? Even the pen in your hand? In every case, the answer is no, because all these industries have benefitted from advances in modern technology.

Modern LandfillThe Natural Flow of Things

It’s only natural for industries to evolve. In nature, a species that does not adapt becomes marginalized or ends up extinct. The same happens in the industrial world. Rare is the industry that has resisted the move forward for 3 decades. But waste landfilling is one. Odds are that your landfill operates basically the same way it did 30 years ago. You may have bigger, shinier, more efficient dozers and compactors, but the way they push, pack, and cover the waste at your landfill is probably similar or exactly the same. Why is this so?

Modern Landfill“Well it is just a dump after all, right?”

Modern Landfill Engineering Services doesn’t think that way. In fact, Modern Landfill operators should take personal when someone refers to their facility as a dump. Some wonder what the difference is–a dump is an uncontrolled mess with no organized plan or development, while a proper landfill is an engineered system designed to protect human health and the environment.

Modern LandfillNot Your Grandfather’s Landfill

Thirty years ago all landfills were basically dumps, but today most landfills have taken the first steps forward, using some technology to improve. However, almost all of them have a long way to go. ML has spent the better part of the last decade applying modern technology to operations at the largest landfill in Texas and one of the biggest in the U. S. While there, ML developed money-, resource-, time-, and labor-saving techniques to process the 5,000 tons of waste that arrive each day—a figure that climbs to 8,000 to 10,000 tons per day during busy periods.

Modern LandfillLet ML Show you what Modernization can do for You!

ML’s unique approach combines survey-quality GPS grade control and optimal use of computer technology for operational analysis (including tailor-made software packages) with sound engineering principles to modernize your landfill. ML can show you ways to run a Modern Landfill that will guarantee immediate savings in costs, time, labor, and resources. In the end, you’ll stop asking why you need a Modern Landfill and start wondering how you can live without one.

PFPs: Translations from Engineer to Operator

PFPs: Translations from Engineer to Operator - Modern Landfill

Modern LandfillA Language Barrier

Who wrote your permit? Who applies its provisions? Do they speak the same language? It’s highly likely that they don’t, since the typical permit is written by an engineer, but applied by field staff. Unfortunately, engineers are notorious for writing language that is unintelligible to the average layperson. Indeed, there is very good chance that your permit is written in a language that your landfill staff simply cannot understand.

Modern LandfillML’s Language Lessons

ML’s Senior Landfill Engineer, Adam Jochelson, P. E., has spent most of the last decade interacting with landfill equipment operators almost daily. As the planning and development engineer for the largest landfill in Texas, Mr. Jochelson realized the need to bridge the communication gap between permit and operator. To solve this problem, he developed Permit Fulfillment Plans (PFPs)–your facility could benefit from implementation of PFPs.

Modern LandfillWhat is a PFP?

A Permit Fulfillment Plan (PFP) is a guidance document with no actual legal bearing that describes in plain English how a facility fulfills a particular requirement stipulated in the facility permit. Because it is not part of the permit, a PFP can me modified at any time to reflect changes in practices in the field, without triggering the sometimes burdensome permit modification process.

Modern LandfillYour recommended daily dose of PFPs

ML will read and evaluate your permit, draw up an outline of sections in need of translation from Engineer to Operator, and talk to you and your operators about how you fulfill those sections, then develop your PFPs to fit your activities. After implementing the PFPs (including any training needed), ML will continue working with you on a regular schedule to ensure that your PFPs stay up-to-date as your facility grows.

Modern LandfillGet your PFPs today . . .

Let ML give your staff a fighting chance to properly apply the provisions of your permit. Without PFPs, you risk violating your permit due to the simple act of misunderstanding. Don’t let the intention of your permit–and your environmental compliance reputation–be lost in translation.

PFPs:  Translations from Engineer to Operator - Modern Landfill

Communications: Connect with Your Employees & Customers

Communications: Connect with Your Employees & Customers - Modern Landfill

Modern LandfillThe Unavoidable Internet

Are you on facebook? Your customers are. How often do you update your twitter feed? How about your LinkedIn profile? Got any commercial pitches on YouTube? Think about your future customers–it should be clear by now that they will become more and more internet-savvy as time passes. ML helps you keep up with the rapidly changing times.

Modern LandfillWhat about Your Employees

Does your landfill have a mission? Do your employees know what it is? Do you?

Communications:  Connect with Your Employees & Customers - Modern Landfill

Performance: Metrics to Measure and Improve

Metrics to Measure and Improve - Modern Landfill

Modern LandfillIs that a good number?

How much soil do you use each day for cover? How long does it take to haul your cover material? How much fuel does each of your dozers use per hour? What kind of waste compaction do you achieve?

How many of these figures are more (or less) than they should be?

Modern Landfill provides answers to these and other questions by applying modern analysis to performance metrics at your landfill.

Modern Landfill The answers may surprise you . . .

Many landfills figure that as long as the garbage is buried each day, that’s good enough. Performance Analysis doesn’t enter their train of thought.

Metrics to Measure and Improve - Modern Landfill

On Grade the First Time, Every Time

Cutting Edge Grade Control - Modern Landfill

Modern LandfillGrade Control: All Day, Every Day

How do you control grade at your landfill? If your operators use their eyes to keep a lift on grade, you are checking grades after the fact, and (maybe) repairing incorrectly graded surfaces. Modern Landfill will show you the value of providing real-time grade control guidance to your operators all day, every day.

Modern LandfillMost important metric . . .

Many landfills figure that as long as the garbage is buried each day, that’s good enough. Performance Analysis doesn’t enter their train of thought.

Cutting Edge Grade Control - Modern Landfill

Know More About Your Airspace

Topographic Services - Modern Landfill

Modern LandfillProper Prior Planning . . .

How quickly are you using your available airspace? When will you start your next lift? When will you run out of space? Where would you put waste in an emergency? Modern Landfill supplies the knowledge of your airspace that allows you to make confident planning decisions about where you will be placing waste and when.

Modern LandfillThe More You Know . . .

ML’s products will give you more information about your airspace and its consumption than you imagined was possible. Our measurements and observations will become an indispensable part of your development decisions.

Topographic Services - Modern Landfill

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