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Why settle for decades-old techniques? Nature demands evolution, and so should you. Let Modern Landfill bring your landfill into the next century, with

  •  • Cutting Edge Grade Control
  •  • Timely Performance Analysis
  •  • Internet Marketing & Branding
  •  • Custom Software Applications
  •  • Bio-Reactor Consideration
  •  • Airspace Consumption Analysis

Compactor Operations
Modern Landfill adds fresh perspective to your landfill operations. ML's field experience will ensure maximum efficiency at your site.
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PFPs: Translations from Engineer to Operator

PFPs: Translations from Engineer to Operator - Modern Landfill

Modern LandfillA Language Barrier

Who wrote your permit? Who applies its provisions? Do they speak the same language? It’s highly likely that they don’t, since the typical permit is written by an engineer, but applied by field staff. Unfortunately, engineers are notorious for writing language that is unintelligible to the average layperson. Indeed, there is very good chance that your permit is written in a language that your landfill staff simply cannot understand.

Modern LandfillML’s Language Lessons

ML’s Senior Landfill Engineer, Adam Jochelson, P. E., has spent most of the last decade interacting with landfill equipment operators almost daily. As the planning and development engineer for the largest landfill in Texas, Mr. Jochelson realized the need to bridge the communication gap between permit and operator. To solve this problem, he developed Permit Fulfillment Plans (PFPs)–your facility could benefit from implementation of PFPs.

Modern LandfillWhat is a PFP?

A Permit Fulfillment Plan (PFP) is a guidance document with no actual legal bearing that describes in plain English how a facility fulfills a particular requirement stipulated in the facility permit. Because it is not part of the permit, a PFP can me modified at any time to reflect changes in practices in the field, without triggering the sometimes burdensome permit modification process.

Modern LandfillYour recommended daily dose of PFPs

ML will read and evaluate your permit, draw up an outline of sections in need of translation from Engineer to Operator, and talk to you and your operators about how you fulfill those sections, then develop your PFPs to fit your activities. After implementing the PFPs (including any training needed), ML will continue working with you on a regular schedule to ensure that your PFPs stay up-to-date as your facility grows.

Modern LandfillGet your PFPs today . . .

Let ML give your staff a fighting chance to properly apply the provisions of your permit. Without PFPs, you risk violating your permit due to the simple act of misunderstanding. Don’t let the intention of your permit–and your environmental compliance reputation–be lost in translation.

PFPs:  Translations from Engineer to Operator - Modern Landfill

Communications: Connect with Your Employees & Customers

Communications: Connect with Your Employees & Customers - Modern Landfill

Modern LandfillThe Unavoidable Internet

Are you on facebook? Your customers are. How often do you update your twitter feed? How about your LinkedIn profile? Got any commercial pitches on YouTube? Think about your future customers–it should be clear by now that they will become more and more internet-savvy as time passes. ML helps you keep up with the rapidly changing times.

Modern LandfillWhat about Your Employees

Does your landfill have a mission? Do your employees know what it is? Do you?

Communications:  Connect with Your Employees & Customers - Modern Landfill

Performance: Metrics to Measure and Improve

Metrics to Measure and Improve - Modern Landfill

Modern LandfillIs that a good number?

How much soil do you use each day for cover? How long does it take to haul your cover material? How much fuel does each of your dozers use per hour? What kind of waste compaction do you achieve?

How many of these figures are more (or less) than they should be?

Modern Landfill provides answers to these and other questions by applying modern analysis to performance metrics at your landfill.

Modern Landfill The answers may surprise you . . .

Many landfills figure that as long as the garbage is buried each day, that’s good enough. Performance Analysis doesn’t enter their train of thought.

Metrics to Measure and Improve - Modern Landfill

Landfill Modernization

Landfill Modernization Services From Modern Landfill

Why do almost all landfills operate the same way they have for the past several decades? Can you think of another industry that has resisted forward progress for so long? It doesn’t have to continue this way–and it shouldn’t. See below for a list of ways that we can help you be a Modern Landfill.

 • Landfill Modernization Services

Read on to see how Landfill Modernization will bring your landfill into the next century…

Modern LandfillCutting Edge Grade Control

The Modern Landfill should give its equipment grade control guidance all day, every day. ML implements highly accurate GPS topographic devices to achieve this.

Modern LandfillPerformance Analysis

The Modern Landfill knows where it spends time, money & resources. ML analyzes a multitude of performance measures and shows you where you’re doing well and where you need improvement.

Modern LandfillMarketing & Branding

The Modern Landfill communicates with its customers regularly. ML will broadcast your message far & wide, informing your current customers and netting new ones.

Modern LandfillVolume Usage Analysis

The Modern Landfill knows how rapidly it uses airspace and can predict within a few days when it will need more. ML provides analysis that helps you plan your landfill development.

Modern LandfillCustom Software Applications

The Modern Landfill uses sophisticated software to manage its facility. ML provides customized applications to fit your particular needs.

Modern LandfillBio-Reactor Start-Up

The Modern Landfill understands how biology can work to make its job easier. ML provides expertise in getting started with “wet landfill” technology.

Modern LandfillGIS Applications

The Modern Landfill can maneuver within Geographic Information Systems (GIS) databases. ML will guide you through the GIS landscape and show you its value.

Landfill Modernization - Modern Landfill

Modern Landfill Services

Modern Landfill Services

“Build a better mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door.”

–Ralph Waldo Emerson (paraphrased)

 • Landfill Modernization

You’ve got bigger, shinier, more efficient equipment, but do you push, pack & cover your waste any differently with them? Odds are, you don’t. Modern Landfill shows you how the next generation of landfills will operate.

 • Construction Support

Maximize efficiency and minimize cost! From the early stages of project planning through the final days of completion of construction and beyond, Modern Landfill provides guidance every step of the way.

 • Cutting Edge Grade Control

A core feature of the Modern Landfill is real-time, daily grade control. Modern Landfill helps you achieve on-grade production the first time, every time.

 • Traditional Landfill Services

Modern Landfill provides high-quality service in waste cell design and construction management, plus permit writing & evaluation, soil management, and environmental monitoring & reporting.

 • General Environmental Services

SW3P . . . EMS . . . SPCC . . . Tier 2 . . . Modern Landfill helps you navigate the landscape and protect the environment for future generations.

 • Topographic Services

How much space did you use at your landfill last month? Last year? Last week? Know more about your airspace with Modern Landfill Topography.

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