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Why settle for decades-old techniques? Nature demands evolution, and so should you. Let Modern Landfill bring your landfill into the next century, with

  •  • Cutting Edge Grade Control
  •  • Timely Performance Analysis
  •  • Internet Marketing & Branding
  •  • Custom Software Applications
  •  • Bio-Reactor Consideration
  •  • Airspace Consumption Analysis

Landfill Gas Processing
Federal law requires landfill gas collection; you should at least consider doing something productive with yours. ML helps you evaluate options.
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Know More About Your Airspace

Topographic Services - Modern Landfill

Modern LandfillProper Prior Planning . . .

How quickly are you using your available airspace? When will you start your next lift? When will you run out of space? Where would you put waste in an emergency? Modern Landfill supplies the knowledge of your airspace that allows you to make confident planning decisions about where you will be placing waste and when.

Modern LandfillThe More You Know . . .

ML’s products will give you more information about your airspace and its consumption than you imagined was possible. Our measurements and observations will become an indispensable part of your development decisions.

Topographic Services - Modern Landfill

Topographic Services

Topographic Services by Modern Landfill

“Where observation is concerned, chance favors only the prepared mind.”
    –Louis Pasteur

 • Topographic Services

Modern Landfill Topography Products (ML-Topo) will change the way you look at your landfill…

Modern LandfillCurrent Topographic Maps (Active Areas)

Super-accurate maps showing topography of active areas of your landfill.

  • Indication of Waste Placement Areas
  • Indication of Airspace Consumption Rate
  • Contours in 2-foot Intervals
  • Minimum 11×17 Color Drawings in Printable Electronic Format

Modern LandfillAirspace Consumption Reports

Learn how much airspace you use at your landfill each week, month, and year…

  • Total Airspace Consumed and Consumption Rate
  • Analysis of Individual Waste Placement Areas (if >1)
  • Lift & Cell Completion Dates
  • Estimated Date of Airspace Exhaustion
  • Milestone Dates for New Airspace Construction

Modern LandfillAnnual Report Activities

Information you will need to complete your annual MSW Report

  • Current Topography of Entire Landfill Permitted Area
  • Annual Airspace Consumption
  • Airspace Reclaimed through Settlement
  • Total Airspace and Years Remaining
  • Location of Remaining Usable Airspace

Modern LandfillGrade Control Staking/Flagging

In-the-field indicators of specific grade control features and transitions

  • Toe Lines & Daylight Lines
  • ELR Infrastructure Boundaries & Alignments
  • Other items, as needed

Modern LandfillTopography Status/Progress Reports

Evaluation of topography-related performance indicators at your landfill

  • Daily & Intermediate Cover Evaluation
  • Grade Control Evaluation
  • Erosion Control Evaluation
  • Leachate Spring Evaluation
  • Miscellaneous Observations

Modern LandfillCurrent Topographic Maps (Full Landfill)

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Topographic Services by Modern Landfill

Modern Landfill Services

Modern Landfill Services

“Build a better mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door.”

–Ralph Waldo Emerson (paraphrased)

 • Landfill Modernization

You’ve got bigger, shinier, more efficient equipment, but do you push, pack & cover your waste any differently with them? Odds are, you don’t. Modern Landfill shows you how the next generation of landfills will operate.

 • Construction Support

Maximize efficiency and minimize cost! From the early stages of project planning through the final days of completion of construction and beyond, Modern Landfill provides guidance every step of the way.

 • Cutting Edge Grade Control

A core feature of the Modern Landfill is real-time, daily grade control. Modern Landfill helps you achieve on-grade production the first time, every time.

 • Traditional Landfill Services

Modern Landfill provides high-quality service in waste cell design and construction management, plus permit writing & evaluation, soil management, and environmental monitoring & reporting.

 • General Environmental Services

SW3P . . . EMS . . . SPCC . . . Tier 2 . . . Modern Landfill helps you navigate the landscape and protect the environment for future generations.

 • Topographic Services

How much space did you use at your landfill last month? Last year? Last week? Know more about your airspace with Modern Landfill Topography.

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